2nd Transnational Meeting

On the 19th and 20th of April 2022, some of the partners of the Erasmus+ project ACT4WOMEN travelled to Paris, to attend the 2nd Transnational Partner Meeting. The meeting adopted a hybrid modality with some of the participants being physically present and some of them attending the meeting online.

More specifically, physical attendees to the meeting were: Rosa Amaro from CIVIC, Carolina Romero Blanco, Salome Sanou and Souad Diallo from ANI, Gergana Deenichina from Inspire Bulgaria, Konstantina Lastari from IDEC, Alexandra Tixeira and Lina Batista from CMP.

Online participants were: Demetra Ortodoxou and Panayiota Sofokleous from EMPHASYS, Ersi Niaoti and Rafaela Paspati from IDEC and Iveta Cirule from Project Net.

The meeting represented a nice opportunity for the partnership to finally meet in person and strengthen the collaboration of this wonderful team.

Numerous steps of the project were discussed during the meeting. More precisely, the activities to finalise for the completion of the 1st Intellectual Output, such as the delivery of the Learning Digital and Entrepreneurial Frameworks and the Data Bank of the project were object of discussion. Emphasys successfully delivered an update on the products of the 3rd Intellectual Output, by showing partners the updated project website and its products and features. And finally, the consortium started exploring ideas about the 2nd Intellectual Output of the project, that includes the creation of the learning material and the development of an AR game.

All the members of the consortium, present and not, helped making the meeting productive, without any friction.

Further updates will follow after the next TPM, scheduled in Latvia in September 2022.

2nd Transnational Meeting
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