Output 3

Plateforme interactive basée sur le cloud / base de données en ligne : apprentissage en ligne, assistance en ligne et réseau.


Cloud-based Interactive Platform will be a dynamic and interactive web-portal, including

1) e-Data Bank with supporting material for further reading, training opportunities, tools, resources, games, videos etc., collected in IO1,

2) e-Learning with upskilling pathway programme for women,

3) e-Women Entrepreneurs Network where women will be able to exchange good practices, tools, tips for their enterprises, as well as space to exhibit their products and promote them,

4) Portal for exhibiting products and services, (e) Mobile App through which empowering messages will be sent to women.

Additionally, the Mapping Tool and Entrepreneurial Audit Tool will be finalised. The Mapping Tool will offer the opportunity to map, record and present good practices, examples and initiatives taken by women entrepreneurs in order to be used as role models and identify their profiles. The Entrepreneurial Audit Tool will be used for assessment, monitoring and evaluation of entrepreneurial competences.

Trouvez les cours de formation sur notre plateforme ici : https://learning.act4women.eu/

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