International Women’s Day

In our constantly changing and challenging world, in which the recent global events leave us in awe, women-and men of course, face unprecedented life changing issues. Today the 8th of March which marks the International Women’s Day, it is crucial to keep a closer look to women all around Europe and the world.


ACT4WOMEN is a project that aims to assist and support women in rural areas, women with less opportunities due to their difficulty in participation in social and educational institutions. Today more than ever before, the project becomes important and necessary.


The consortium is working towards completing the project results, focusing on providing quality training material covering all necessary steps to create a start-up or social enterprise. Digital skills but also entrepreneurial skills and assets will offer a complete training – a step by step guide for women who want to turn their talents into a profitable enterprise.


Today, international Women’s Day, is a day to reflect on social, cultural, political, socioeconomic achievements of women but also bring attention to existing inequalities. ACT4WOMEN focuses on assisting women in their financial growth but is also not forgetting violence towards women and gender equality.


International Women’s Day is celebrated and commemorated worldwide. ACT4WOMEN could not miss the opportunity to celebrate women and continue our work with dedication and passion.

International Women’s Day
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