Municipio de Paredes

Situated in North of Portugal, close to Oporto city, the Municipality of Paredes has extraordinary conditions. It benefits from an excellent train and good high way accessibility, near from Francisco Sá Carneiro airport and approximately 20 minutes of the Porto city center.

Our Municipality has presented an increased demographic growth and a relevant social economical potential. Paredes with 87 thousands inhabitants is the 27º county more populated of Portugal. Although is one of the youngest counties with an average age of population with 33 and 1/3 of the population under 25 years old.

Paredes has 16.000 students between the pre-school to secondary. It was the first municipality in the country to invest in 12 years of compulsory education and to modernize its entire school buildings that are now compared only to the best in the world.

In Paredes, history and natural beauty coexist in perfect harmony with architectural heritage. There are unique examples of Romanesque legacy and industrial architecture awarded with a contemporary Architecture Prize.

Municipality of Paredes has in the furniture industry the main sector of activity, that is responsible of 60% of the national production, 2% of the small and medium industries are settled in their territory. Paredes won in 2014 the Regio Star European Award with the Art on Chairs projects that aims related industry and design.


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