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The ACT4WOMEN project focuses on women living in rural, remote, isolated or marginalized areas who have restricted access to work and who engage in the production of handicrafts or other forms of “homemade” productions or services related to culture, community or environment they live in. It aims to help women acquire entrepreneurial, digital, communication and leadership skills in order for them to learn how to promote, distribute, and sell the products through upgrading the “home-based business model” into start-ups or social enterprises.

The IO1 saw the development of a Mapping Methodology and an Online Tool to record and present in an interactive and user-friendly way women’s entrepreneurial initiatives. These can be exploited by adult educators/women wishing to become social entrepreneurs. The technology was used constructively to provide all the information collected in terms of good practices, policies, initiatives, programs, etc. to help adult educators and partner organizations identify the profile, characteristics, skills, etc. of successful women who have started their own business or social enterprise.

Within IO2 the ACT4WOMEN’s consortium developed an AR game, a scenario-based learning tool that will serve as a unique information point provided by real life situations demonstrating the essence of discussing difficult yet crucial issues related to adopting an “entrepreneurial” mindset.  The AR game consist of 7 different steps that will teach women how to transform their ideas into business opportunities!

In IO3 the mapping tool offers the possibility to map, record and present good practices, examples and initiatives taken by women entrepreneurs in order to use them as models and identify their profiles.

Also, an Interactive Web-Portal (cloud based) was developed offering the following functions:

  •  an e-DATA BANK for offering supporting material for further reading, training opportunities, funding opportunities, tools, resources, ,etc. collected in IO1
  • an e-learning course on digital and entrepreneurial skills, with all material developed within IO1/IO2 for the upskilling pathway programme of women
  •  e-Women Entrepreneurs Network for the development of an online network of women entrepreneurs where they will be able to exchange good practices, tools, tips for their enterprises, as well as space to exhibit their products and promote them

The last IO, IO4, is about the finalisation of the project and the test of the project results to the target group. In addition to the national pilot tests, 25 women came to Cyprus for the C1 training, in other words the face-to-face training of all the main products developed (Mapping Tool, online platform, AR game, training courses). At the end of their training, participants had to develop in groups their own business idea as part of the WOMEN ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETITION.

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