Output 2

Becoming a female entrepreneur

gamification, learning & assessment
through augmented reality

Educational Pack

The main aims of IO2 are to develop an Educational Pack which will contain a set of supporting materials, resources, multimedia tools etc. to support the upskilling training for women which will be implemented in the later stages of the project.

Digital Competence Framewoek

Entrepreneurial Competence Framework

Augmented Reality

An Augmented Reality (AR) Application for social entrepreneurial education will be developed. The Application will not only be a learning tool, but also a scenario-based AR tool, which will act as a single point for providing information through real-life situations demonstrating the essence of discussing difficult and yet crucial issues related to the adoption of an ‘entrepreneurial’ mindset.

The Women Entrepreneur Tool will be used as a Learning Tool promoting social entrepreneurial competences. Depending on the educational pack developed in the previous stages of the project, the AR Game will incorporate scenarios and case studies about issues to be addressed, such as exploring market, setting business plan, stages of setting up an enterprise, tips, pitfalls, ecommerce etc., as the main pillars of the training materials. The Women Entrepreneur Tool will also comprise a quiz-like evaluation mechanism supporting self-education and self-regulated learning both for monitoring and skills retention purposes. The AR scheme facilitating this procedure will be designed in a way to engage women in the learning process, and ultimately, to promote the acquisition of entrepreneurial and creative strategies and ensure that women are in position to embrace them.

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