Output 4

Multimedia tool-kit for women

upskilling initiative for promoting culture & creativity


 The main aims of output 4 are

  • to design, develop, produce and pilot-test the backpack necessary for the implementation of the ACT4WOMEN Upskilling Pathways Programme
  • to design, develop and use a campaign in support of the programme, introducing different types of skills for entrepreneurial mindsets to women
  • to promote the creation of the ACT4WOMEN One Stop Support Centres with the support of adult educators, trainers, business and ICT experts, professionals, banks, enterprises, SMEs etc. needed for the sustainability and exploitation of the project
  • to design and produce the ACT4WOMEN Recommendation Strategy Pack for upscaling, transferability, exploitation and sustainability of the projects’ products at local, regional, national and EU level for further exploitation
  • to introduce a ACT4WOMEN initiative as part of the EU Start up Entrepreneurship Week through organisation of events based on the products and promotion of achievements of the project e.g., learners’ exhibition, campaign, awards, petition and a declaration for the EU
  • to implement the strategy designed, and the programme with the participation of adults and adult educators in partner countries.
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