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Women Entrepreneurs

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Further to the research conducted at the preliminary stage of the project, the consortium will support adult educators and women with the production of four main products 1) Mapping Tool to support the creation of a profile of women entrepreneurs through the recording and presenting of good practices; 2) set of Infographics to present the state of the art at the national level; 3) Entrepreneurial Self-assessment Tool to identify needs and gaps; 4) Social, Entrepreneurial and Digital Competence Framework for women wishing to open up a small enterprise to exploit their products.


The main objectives of IO1 are:

  • to analyse the methodology of recording, presenting and mapping out, in an interactive and practical way initiatives, practices, enterprises set up by women entrepreneurs in each partner country using Google Maps. In doing so, the profile of a successful female entrepreneur will be defined

  • to identify women’s knowledge and skills on basic entrepreneurial issues through an on-line Entrepreneurial Self-assessment Audit Tool

  • to prepare Infographics for each country to present the findings on women entrepreneurial performance

  • to define the benchmarks and indicators for the social, entrepreneurial and digital skills related to Competence Framework for Women against which their skills, attitudes and knowledge will be monitored, assessed and validated, based on the methodology of the Open Badges

  • to start developing the Social Entrepreneurial Data Dank as part of the overall investigation of available resources and tools to support adult educators and women to further the field of entrepreneurship education.

Entrepreneurial Audit tool for women - Results

Infographics per country

Competence Framework

Digital Competence Framework
Entrepreneurial Competece Framework
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